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International Marketing is backbone for all companies in India such as Export Import Companies, Shipping Companies, Logistics Companies, Customs House Agent CHA, Freight Forwarders and all those involved in Foreign Trade, etc. International Marketing Course in India thus offers an approach and framework for recognizing and analyzing the main cultural and environmental characteristics of any country or global region and highlights the significance of showing international marketing management from a global perspective.

National Institute of Foreign Trade – NIFT, have highly skilled faculty with practical experience to offer diploma courses in International Marketing in India. Some of the hot topics covered in International Marketing Course in India are How to Identify the Products and Markets for Export Import, ICC Rules, FEMA 1999, Foreign Exchange and Product Specialization for Export, ie Garments, Medical Products, Agricultural Products.

Other key topics covered in International Marketing Course in India comprise of: The scope and challenge of international marketing, Exporting, managing and logistics, The dynamics of international business, Emerging markets and market behavior, Business customs and practices in international marketing, Multinational market regions and market groups, international marketing strategies to name a few.

After completion of diploma course in International Marketing in India, students will have a diversified skill set making then extremely competitive applicants for jobs in executive management or administration for top Global Marketing firms, consultancies or multi-national companies and organizations.

Some of the skills developed at NIFT are consumer behavior, branding, trade management and psychology, amongst others, are in conjunction with dedicated skills training in cross cultural awareness and communication.