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Goods & Services Tax (GST) in India is a broad indirect tax charged on goods and services at the national level. GST in India is a consumption based tax imposed on the grounds of “Destination principle.” It is an all-encompassing tax regime, to be gathered on value-added at every phase of the supply chain, with taxes on inputs recognized against taxes on output. Its key objective is to combine multiple indirect tax levies into a single tax regime and remove the cascading effect.

GST courses in India help you to understand the basics of GST, significant terminologies and conceptions, applicability and effect. Through this GST courses in India, the student will learn GST right from basic theoretical knowledge to real-world implications of the regulation on any type of business.

A GST course in India gives a comprehensive acumen about principles of GST as well as other distinctions of the new indirect tax regime. It boosts the candidate to gain insight about application of GST inclusively as well as of the arrangements and challenges that lie ahead.

The diploma course in GST is an advanced level course in India and shall test a student's knowledge of numerous concepts of GST along with the intermediate issues. In order to give adequate practical knowledge of GST, the course in India has been formulated with a blend of web based study & self-study followed by digital examination.

GST is anticipated to generate significant job opportunities as the companies will require hiring professionals for committed GST management, upgradation and settlements.