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The fast growth of global trade furthered by government support has generated huge opportunities for competent and skilled professionals to manage import-exports processes. Usually, export/import executives are inducted in international firms in numerous strategic functions for Exim Jobs in India such as pricing, sourcing, financing, import export market research, supply, freight marketing, import export finance, documentation & procedure, and foreign exchange services.

Numerous highly rewarding Exim Jobs in India have opened up for candidates skilled in import & export. After effective training in import & export management, a student can find Exim Jobs in India in the following businesses: Import/Export Department of Companies, Import/Export Houses, Trading Houses, Import/Export Processing Zones, and Import/Export Oriented Units, Import/Export Promotion Councils, Development Authorities & Commodity Boards, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Shipping, Cargo Clearing & Handling Agents, Marine Insurance Companies and Packaging Industries.

In this field, Exim Jobs in India are usually there for marketing, documentation & procedure, shipping and packaging departments of international business entities including MNCs and other global trading houses. Finally, an import/export executive can always take up self-employment and begin his own business venture. Many import export executives have created their own success stories in India and abroad.

With the course of international trade becoming a need for every country of the world, the status of Exim Jobs in India has become very rewarding. An import export management executive can always expect to be paid well in terms of salary.